Giorgos Fessas

Giorgos Fessas was born in Katerini. In 1958 he moved to Athens where he was taught by the most prominent teachers Tsomidis, Gkolefas, Vasileiou, Kastriotis, Moralis, Andreou, Bicinci etc. He experimented with brass plates, stones, Indian ink, oil, pastel and acrylic, sculpting and mixed techniques compositions. He is fascinated with the metal though, which in his hands, becomes alive. At the same time he works with painting and byzantine hagiography. A few years later he invents a technique of mosaic engraving with oven enamel, impressing critics and collectors in Greece and abroad. He organized 93 personal exhibitions with several distinctions for his works such as Watkins Hall of London, 2nd prize at Tran Doit in Munich , Villa del Conte in Italy, Katowiche in Poland, Utsaza Budapest kespebek, Moson Mayarobar, Sopron world festival, Lion’s Vienna, Art Maison in Paris, 1st prize. His artworks can be found in various collections in Greece, USA, China, France, Italy, Africa, Australia, Belgium, Spain etc. Recently, he returned to his hometown, Katerini, continuing his artistic activities.

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