“Art is the essence of life.” Charalampos Brouskelis Lawyer

When did your interest in Art begin?

Interest in Art begins in childhood. Painting is a primary human function. It is an expression, a sacred human, prehistoric need. That is why every viewer of Art works and feels differently in front of a Work. The artist himself serves Art primarily, the need for livelihood follows.

Do you think that Art is expensive?

Art has always been expensive, but it also has its degrees. Expensive must be sold by someone who has built a name. No artist was born mature. You pay for his artistic journey. It is not possible for the stranger to sell as much as Tsoklis. I do not consider it necessary to underestimate the success of an artist. Perhaps young artists should be more restrained in their values and make Art more accessible in this way. Then the prices of the well-known will fall too.

Does Contemporary Art have aesthetics?

I judge by my personal aesthetics. Contemporary Art presents innovations, it is politicized, it protests, it evolves according to the climate, the environment, the people and the socio-political conditions. The artist himself is self-determined by all these factors and from his spiritual state, Art is born. New materials and techniques are constantly evolving Art, which is why the viewer needs infrastructure. Otherwise he cannot understand it.

What do you think is the main reason why young people do not visit galleries?

Young people are not introduced to the Arts, but neither are the older ones. The State and the Public School do not introduce students to either architecture, sculpture or painting. The young person should first have the opportunity to meet and evaluate the great artists and then to approach and get to know the contemporary ones. So there is a lack of infrastructure we would say, a lack of interest due to ignorance.

Does the internet help in the dissemination of Art?

Undoubtedly, social media brings the masses in contact with Art. The eyes of the uneducated spectator will accidentally fall, he will get excited, maybe he will enter the process of being informed. Architecture has also evolved in recent years. Now the architect has been released and is perhaps the ultimate ambassador of Art that brings the public in direct contact with Art.

Is Art Global?

Yes Art is global. It has no borders, it overcomes language barriers and religions. The very spirit of the artist is broad. It is not subject to restrictions, it does not fit into molds. Art is the essence of life.


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