A whole new Street of Art, bulevArt, has been illuminated in order to promote the art of inspired people. A group of art, music and poetry lovers looking for the essence and understanding of life beyond national or cultural limits. People devoted to their Art, aspire to fascinate us with different colors, materials and shapes… where there are no comparisons…. where senses are intertwined and liberate the soul. Art has no words, no boundaries… it is the mystery of life itself.

Simple or complex shapes with vivid colors or weak lines, sculptures that dominate mind and soul focus on the beauties and brutalities of the past or the present. Presences that carry soul and history inside them, inviting all of us to decorate our homes and lives.

The possible buyer can contact us and directly receive the piece of art they are interested in. As soon as we receive the amount we can send the artwork on the same day even in the most remote places.
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