Terms and regulations

Read the following terms and conditions before placing your order. We inform you that by ordering you agree to be bound by these rules.

1. Description of Services

Bulevart.gr provides full services for the acquisition of the works exhibited in its gallery. These services include purchase via internet, mail, fax, telephone, confirmation of your purchase, choice of payment terms, proper packaging, shipping from bulevart.gr to your home, security of painting, proof of shipment and certificate of authenticity that will accompany your artwork.

2. Order

The amount listed on the website does not include VAT. 24%. The costs are shown in detail in the receipt you will receive with your purchase.

Bulevart.gr does not bear any responsibility for anything that happens beyond its control, i.e. we bear no responsibility for loss, delayed orders or damage in phone connection, electricity, software program or other systems.

3. Order Confirmation

You will receive a receipt from bulevart.gr that will confirm your purchase and the availability of the painting you ordered within 48 hours from the time of your order. Orders are not binding for bulevart.gr until they are accepted by it. In case the painting you want is no longer available, bulevart.gr is not responsible for any loss that may arise from the fact that it cannot meet your order. On the receipt you will see the full purchase amount, including all fees and taxes that may arise. Your order will be confirmed via e-mail and telephone. We suggest you print this page and keep it as proof. Order confirmation is followed by an invoice, which we send to you by post and you receive approximately within a week if you live in Europe or within two weeks if you live in Canada or elsewhere.

4. Packing

Bulevart.gr will make sure your painting has the correct packaging according to the international standards for the transfer of works of art. This includes packaging in special cartons. Each work is accompanied by a certificate for the authenticity of the painter's signature and the authenticity of the work of art.

5. Delivery

Delivery takes about two weeks from the date of order confirmation. Delays due to strikes or other unforeseen situations are not included in the delivery time period.

6. Transportation Costs

Transportation and shipping costs inside Greece are free. For international shipping it depends on the address and country of receipt you state in the application. For shipping in cartons, the cost is specified separately in the order document.

7. Payment

The payment of the entire purchase amount is made during the purchase process of the work of art through bank deposit.

8. Protection of Property Rights

You will receive a title of ownership and authenticity of the work of art as soon as bulevart.gr receives the entire payment amount.

9. Usage Restrictions

The entire content of the site is based on EU law and is protected by international copyright law and international procurement contracts. Material from bulevart.gr as well as related services, cannot be copied, distributed or transferred in any way if not allowed by bulevart.gr. Users of the site may download a copy of part or all of the material for personal but not commercial use, provided that they do not modify the material in any way, delete or change anything related to the copyright and the authenticity mark. All material on this site is provided for lawful use only. Bulevart.gr and its artists hold all the titles and copyrights for the material of this site.

10. Limitations of Liability

Bulevart.gr is not responsible for errors on pricing or on receipts related to the painting. It is also not responsible for technical errors of any kind in both the computer and the software, for problems with the network connection or for incomplete, vague or delayed transmissions. In no event is it liable for damages resulting from the use of material from this address.

11. Personal Information

Bulevart.gr insists on the highest ethical standards regarding the collection, use and protection of information concerning its customers. It does not rent, sell or exchange information related to its clientele.

12. Data collection

The emails of customers or other interested parties that (possibly) are collected by bulevart.gr are subject to the terms and regulations concerning the protection of personal data and are used exclusively from bulevart.gr for communication purposes (informational emails), they are not transferred or forwarded to third parties. At any time, the interested party can request the deletion of their email address from the lists of bulevart.gr, an action that will take place immediately.

13. Return Policy

If you receive the work of art and consider that it does not meet your requirements, you have 7 [seven] days to contact the gallery by e-mail and inform that you intend to return the painting. The shipping, transport and safety costs of the product, which relate to this return, are borne by the buyer.

The sale of the works of art must be considered final by the customer after the seventh day that the work is in their possession and the amount is not refundable.

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